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Application Guidelines(只备英文本)
Appendix Ia - Application Form for Major Sports Event
Appendix Ib - Application Form for Exhibition Match or Tournament
Appendix IIa - Event Information for Major Sports Event(只备英文本)
Appendix IIb - Event Information for Exhibition Match or Tournament(只备英文本)
Appendix III - Budget Template(只备英文本)
Appendix IV - Eligible and ineligible expenditure items for direct grant(只备英文本)
Appendix V - Summary of Funding Support(只备英文本)
Appendix VI - Vetting criteria for "M" Mark event applications(只备英文本)
Appendix VII - Flow-chart for applying to become an "M" Mark event(只备英文本)
Appendix VIII - Terms and Condition for "M" Mark Events(只备英文本)
Appendix IX - Evaluation report(只备英文本)