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"HKSAR 20th Anniversary CCB (Asia) Trophy" race was held this year, with top teams from 18 districts in Hong Kong competing for glory. The champion, first runner-up and second runner-up are Sha Tin District, Southern District and Islands District.
「香港特别行政区成立 20周年建行(亚洲)纪念杯」由全港十八区派出龙舟队角逐。结果由沙田区夺冠,南区及离岛区分列亚军及季军。
Presenting prizes to the winning teams of the "HKSAR 20th Anniversary CCB (Asia) Trophy" are Mr C Y Leung (seventh right, front row), Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Dr Peter Lam (fifth right, front row), Chairman of the HKTB, and Mr Jiang Xianzhou (eighth right, front row), Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Construction Bank (Asia).
香港特别行政区行政长官梁振英先生(前排右七)、旅发局主席林建岳博士(前排右五)、中国建设银行(亚洲)副董事及行长江先周先生(前排右八),与「香港龙舟嘉年华—香港特别行政区成立 20周年建行 (亚洲)纪念杯」三甲队伍合照。
Over 5,000 athletes from 12 countries and regions, who competed for a number of championships in the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.
The "Red Bull Dragon Roar" was held in the Victoria Harbour for the first time. This was an obstacle race that challenged the skills of the participants.
首次由沙滩移师至维港上演的「Red Bull Dragon Roar」,有别于一般传统龙舟的直线比赛,是以障碍赛方式进行,除了考验参加者的技巧,亦为嘉年华增添娱乐性。
Creativity and eye-catching outfits are the keys to winning the Best Costume Award in the Fancy Dress Race.
Fourteen food trucks gathered at the venue for the first time ever, attracting paddlers, local residents and visitors.