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The "Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships" is one of the events in the World Badminton Grand Prix. The Hong Kong Badminton Association has successfully organized 32 editions of the Championships since 1982. From 2004 to 2006, the Championships was upgraded to a 6-star event with a total prize of US$250,000. Starting in 2007, the event was included in the Super Series of the Badminton Word Federation, and was renamed as the "Hong Kong Open Badminton Superseries". In 2018, BWF renamed the "World Superseries" as the "World Tour", and the Hong Kong Open was selected as a "Super 500" event. The total prize money of the Hong Kong Open Badminton Championships has continued to rise, increasing from $350,000 in 2012 to $400,000 in 2016, and this year's total prize money will further increase to $420,000, setting a new record and making the event more attractive.

Every year, the Hong Kong Open attracts the world's top ten badminton elites to Hong Kong to participate, with over 20 countries and regions participating, including China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, England, Denmark, and others. In 2023, the Hong Kong will be one of the qualification events for the Paris Olympics, and it is expected that top badminton athletes from around the world, including Olympic and Asian Games medalists, will gather in Hong Kong to compete for the championships.

In 2005, the Badminton Championships were recognized as an "M" Mark event by the Major Sports Events Committee, and it has since become an annual sports event in Hong Kong. The event not only provides the general public with the opportunity to enjoy world-class matches but also stimulates their interest in the sport of badminton. In addition, on average, more than 200 overseas players, coaches, and staff come to Hong Kong to participate every year. With a significant number of badminton fans traveling to Hong Kong to watch the exciting matches, the event helps to increase Hong Kong's profile and facilitates the development of its tourism industry.

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The above information is provided by the Hong Kong Badminton Association.