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The Major Sports Events Committee (MSEC), one of the three committees under the Sports Commission (SC), is tasked to advise the Government through the SC on the hosting policy and resource allocation for major sports events in Hong Kong.  The MSEC provides a decision-making framework for determining the Government's funding priorities and involvement in hosting major sports events in the city.  The policy sets out the Government's role in hosting events and provides a mechanism for assessing proposals against established criteria.  It also provides for the monitoring of events to ensure that the public funding provided is used properly and cost-effectively.

In order to help nurture more sustainable major sports events, the MSEC launched the "M" Mark System and Support Packages (the "M" Mark System) in November 2004. "M" Mark status will be awarded to the recognised major sports events held in Hong Kong.  A package of tailor-made support measures is provided to meet the needs of individual "M" Mark events to help them evolve into regular, market-oriented and profitable events.



Objectives of Establishing
the "M" Mark System


  • To instill a sustainable sporting culture, foster a sense of pride and social cohesion, and to bring tangible economic benefits to our community.  Major sports events should also help enhance Hong Kong's image as Asia's sports events capital
  • To help "national" sports associations (NSAs) develop sustainable major sports events through greater participation and support from the commercial sector as well as the community at large
  • To support NSAs in securing and hosting one-off mega international sports events considered beneficial to the community



Support for "M" Mark events


  • Professional advice from the MSEC Advisory Panel concerning the organisation, sponsorship, marketing and promotion strategies for events
  • Co-ordinated logistic support from relevant government departments to support the planning and organising of "M" Mark events
  • Enhanced local and overseas publicity opportunities for "M" Mark events
  • Funding support for "M" Mark events comprises interest-free loans, matching fund and/or direct grants
  • An additional one-off $1 million direct grant for marketing and publicity purposes for world championships/new "M" Mark event
  • A combined funding support of matching fund and/or direct grant for World Championships, grand finals of world series and new events (e.g. World cup and tournament of world series); Subsidised notional venue charges (NVC) for all "M" Mark events using Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) venues
  • An event not receiving LCSD NVC (due to unavailability of venue or any other reasons) may apply for venue hiring grant to cover 100% of the venue hiring expenditure, subject to a ceiling of $1 million per event