About FIVB Volleyball Nations League
To maximize the appeal of volleyball as a sport and to enhance the quality and promote a compelling on-court narrative which is easy for fans to engage with and understand, in 2018 FIVB will replace the 1990 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship and 1993 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix with VOLLEYBALL NATIONS LEAGUE, referred to as VNL. The launch of a men's and women's competition under the same format promotes equality in volleyball, while also making it simpler and more engaging to follow. In both the new men's and women's leagues, there are 16 teams respectively, including 12 core teams and 4 challenger teams, competing in a round-robin format to qualify for the finals. After playing in a round robin format in the league round, the top 5 teams will join the hosts of the final round to compete in the final round. FIVB has arranged for the women's league to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while the men's league will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, enabling fans to enjoy world class competition every day during the season.

The core teams of "FIVB Volleyball Nations League 2019" include China, Brazil, Italy, USA, Serbia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Japan and Russia. The challenger teams are Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Poland and Belgium.

A Famous Sports Event in HK
The Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China (VBAHK) has an excellent track record in organising world-class volleyball events, having organised WGP, an established volleyball tournament, for over 2 decades. Every year, the WGP-HK Leg is held in Hong Kong Coliseum with full house audience (30,000) and has topped all preliminary legs in terms of average spectator number for several consecutive years. Besides, all matches of the WGP-HK Leg are broadcast live or delayed by local and international TV media with high audience rating. With the participation of the China national team, which is popular in Hong Kong, as well as other world-class national teams, the event draws much attention from local and international press. Same as WGP before, VNL-HK 2018 is also awarded the "M" Mark status by the Major Sports Events Committee (other events in the same category include Hong Kong Marathon, Hong Kong Seven).

Creative and Diversified Promotional Activities
In order to promote the VNL-HK Pool, VBAHK organizes a series of promotional activities. Besides, other cultural and entertainment activities, such as group performance, band performance and dance performance, are organized as well to integrate elements of music, dance and arts and culture in sports.

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The above information is provided by the Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China.