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World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships is being held every two years and it is the standard of World Championships which is the highest level of Taekwondo Competition in the world out of Olympic Game. The last events were held in Goyang City, South Korea successfully and more than 63 countries participated with 760 athletes enrolled.

The Hong Kong, China Taekwondo Association is honored to win the bid for the hosting right of The Hong Kong 2024 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship. This is the second large-scale event after the World Taekwondo Championship in 1997. It is expected that more than 80 countries and around 1200 athletes (Including the world-top athletes) will participate in this sports event. The event not only allows the citizens to have a deeper understanding of Taekwondo, but also incorporates other elements into the event, such as trends, local culture.

In addition, the organizer will give away free tickets to the underprivileged/school/NGOs to watch the competition and also recruit volunteer teams, aiming to make more public can enjoy the World Championships.

The above information is provided by Hong Kong, China Taekwondo Association.