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The official competitions of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) are organised according to the FIE Organization Rules. The official FIE calendar is composed of the competitions named as follows:
  • Junior and Cadet World Championships
  • World Championships
  • Veterans World Championships
  • Junior World Cup events (individual and team)
  • Senior World Cup events (individual and team)
  • Grand Prix competitions
  • Satellite competitions
  • The zonal junior and senior championships
  • The zonal champoonships
  • The Masters
The Olympic Games are organized under the banner of the International Olympic Committee.

The senior individual competitions are limited to 8 events per weapon, consisting of 5 World Cup competitions, which must necessarily include an individual event and a team event, and 3 Grand Prix individual competitions, together with 1 Zonal Championships and 1 World Championships in each season to determine the final world ranking. This World Cup is open to fencers (individual or team) of all FIE member countries.

For teams, up to five World Cup events are held each year. The four top results as well as the Olympic Games or World Fencing Championships and zonal championships are taken into account for each country's rankings.

The above information is provided by Hong Kong Fencing Association.